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Based on 1,027 analyzed opinions & rigorous product testing

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KitchenResearch’s rankings of the best premium air fryers are based on our proprietary testing methodology combined with our analysis of the opinions of experts and shoppers like you.

Picking a premium air fryer is no small task. It means you’re willing to invest a significant amount in a product segment that hasn’t been around for long. Sure is critical to have done your research to ensure you aren’t disappointed in your purchase.

That was the goal we’ve had with these guides – to ensure you’re delighted by your decision.

First, we used our own proprietary testing arsenal on the most popular models on the market. Then, we analysed user reviews from a large bunch of sources – distilling down the opinions that were valuable.

We debated listing the Editor’s Choice, considering the number of products being compared in the premium category.
Alas, the product left us with such a strong impression that we had to bestow it our precious Editor’s Choice.

Our Analysis

We’ve consolidated the crucial air fryer attributes into three rating categories – on a scale of a 0.0 to 10.0

The various attributes we’ve analysed are as follows.


  • Timer
  • Bulk
  • Look & feel
  • Noise
  • Smell


  • Capacity
  • Temperature range
  • Presets
  • Crispness
  • Heating uniformity


  • Cost vs. features & quality
  • Customer support
  • Features & extras

The Rankings


1. De’Longhi FH1163 MultiFry


We didn’t expect to like this one as much as we did. With preconceived notions just from the image on the box, we were truly surprised by how premium it felt. Sure, it does feel bulky like all the other air fryers out there.
Though they haven’t called it an air fryer, it does work on the same mechanism, with a few added bells & whistles.

The materials used are premium quality throughout. Our analysis indicates De’Longhi’s customers support isn’t lacking in anyway; doesn’t feel like we’ll have complaints for a while though.

The features you’ll find with this product feel like the result of thoughtful engineering – some of the features we’ve seen (eg. needless touchscreens) with other products in this category, felt more like marketing gimmicks.

Overall, an easy recommendation. The De’Longhi FH1163 is the air fryer you want.
Heck, we would even urge buyers considering the Philips’ HD 9220 consider this one strongly.

Design  Cooking  Value  Overall
9.5 9.2 9.2 9.3

Buyers Like

  • Impressive premium build quality
  • Relatively better capacity – more than the Philips models
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Cookbook and extras
  • Mixing paddle (removable) that turns food or even cooking
  • Enhanced surround cooking – uniform crispiness vs the others

Buyers Dislike

  • Huge bulky machine but not that heavy
  • Fan noise noticeable but not terrible
  • Timer too quiet to hear above the cooking fan noise
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2. PHILIPS HD 9230

Comparing the HD 9230 to Philips’ entry level HD 9220 was harder than we’d expected. That’s a shame really. At this price point, this should have been an easy recommendation. The touchscreen, the double layer rack, the enhanced timer and presets are all worthy additions. But they don’t stand out as must-haves.
Overall, this product retains the minor issues with had with the HD 9220, primarily the need for better food capacity. That and we were wishing this one ensured more even cooking.

For its premium price, we suggest you hold off on this one unless price absolutely isn’t an issue for you, in which case this is a mighty fine air fryer.

Recommendation: For more uniform cooking, ensure the food is a little spaced out and not compressed.

Design  Cooking  Value  Overall
9.0 8.8 8.5 8.8

Buyers Like

  • Double layer rack – increased cooking surface
  • Cooks relatively fast
  • Clean-up is fast
  • High quality – comparable to the Philips HD 9220
  • Easy touchscreen – questionable utility though

Buyers Dislike

  • Awkward to remove the basket after preheating
  • Higher quality materials expected at this price point
  • Poor capacity – must cook in batches
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Best Premium Air Fryer Buying Guide


As we’ve mentioned before, upon first gaze, the De’Longhi appears a little overstuffed. Closer inspection however, reveals a sturdy product built out of premium materials.

The De’Longhi scores highly here.


Most of these air fryers seems to have a capacity ranging from 2-3L of storage. The De’Longhi claims to be able to hold 8 servings of fries. It definitely can hold more than the Philips HD 9230.

Points to the De’Longhi here.

Energy Consumption

As we’ve said before, energy consumption tends to be about the same for most of these devices. The De’Longhi and the Philips HD 9230 are on par here.


De’Longhi certainly has put a lot of consideration into making cleaning an easier task. However, it is a larger unit. And, we’ve heard more customers praising the Philips HD 9230 for its cleaning ease.

Points to the Philips HD 9230 here. Slightly so.


Both brands have been around for a while, and have proven themselves in the market. We’ve heard fewer complaints about the De’Longhi though.

So, a few points in favour of the De’Longhi.  Slightly more.

Customer Support

Hasn’t been an issue for most customers. These are premium quality brands and they continue to uphold their customer support standards, and they have an active corporate social media presence. Customer support requests are better structured with Philips though.

Overall, they’re on par.


Philips has invested more in the customer experience. They’re spending a lot more into marketing their air fryers. We believe this will continue to be the case. The De’Longhi packs more into the core product; it’s almost like they just want the product to speak for itself.

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