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KitchenResearch’s rankings of the best air fryers are based on our proprietary testing methodology combined with our analysis of the opinions of experts and shoppers like you.

Picking an air fryer takes careful thought and consideration – especially since this is a relatively new product category. There are some who wouldn’t mind experimenting with a new device, willing to forgive the little shortcomings. And then there are those of us who want a product that matches our expectations and is reliable.

Our goal with the analysis, was to help make your decision a little less overwhelming. To ensure that you’re not disappointed with the product you purchase.

First, we used our own proprietary testing arsenal on the most popular models on the market. Then, we analysed user reviews from a large bunch of sources – distilling down the opinions that were valuable.

We’re pretty pleased with our Editor’s Choice, as well as the ratings we’ve given for the top products in our listing. We have also included a few wildcard* products that haven’t been on the market as long as the more mature ones on the list.

Our Analysis

We’ve consolidated the crucial air fryer attributes into three rating categories – on a scale of a 0.0 to 10.0

The various attributes we’ve analysed are as follows.


  • Timer
  • Bulk
  • Look & feel
  • Noise
  • Smell


  • Capacity
  • Temperature range
  • Presets
  • Crispness
  • Heating uniformity


  • Cost vs. features & quality
  • Customer support
  • Features & extras

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The Rankings


1. Philips HD 9220


Our Editor’s Choice was an easy pick. Overall, the price remains justified. You get a stellar product with the impeccable build quality that Philips is known for. Philips also clearly invests more in the customer experience – as evident through their reliable customer support and extras – the cookbook and app.

Recommendation: Add a drizzle of oil for a crispier effect.

Design  Cooking  Value  Overall
9.4 8.5 9.2 9.1

Buyers Like

  • Great for frozen foods; Great for 2-3 people
  • Easier to clean up
  • Great build quality
  • Extras – Philips app, Cookbook
  • Minimal smell
  • Better temperature control range

Buyers Dislike

  • Fan Noise – Noticeable in a silent room
  • Requires cooking in batches for more than 3 people
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2. Black & Decker HF100WD

A close runner up to the flagship Philips model. This Black & Decker air fryer feels sturdy, with a well thought out design that ensures the food container can be handled easily. Comes with recipes and clear instructions. Black & Decker uses high quality components – the little details tend to matter for the long term viability of these machines. Recommended, if you prefer this one’s design to the Philips’ (we do) and you don’t mind a slightly smaller container.

Design  Cooking  Value  Overall
9.6 8.5 8.9 8.9

Buyers Like

  • Clear operating instructions; recipes provided as well
  • Well thought-out design (eg. Heat resistant disk on top)
  • Engineered for easy cleanup
  • Little to no preheat time – Quick
  • Works right out of the box with minimal fiddling

Buyers Dislike

  • New-product smell that goes away after the first week
  • Requires attention and rearranging to ensure uniform cooking
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3. GoWISE USA GW22621

Reasonably popular model by Gowise has a futuristic looking touchscreen. They’ve iterated on their air fryers for a while and have time to add some much needed enhancements. (4rth Generation+)
This looks a lot more technologically advanced vs. the Philips product, upon first gaze. However, after using it for a week, we’ve noticed some wear and tear – especially with the non stick coating. The quality of the materials used feels a little uneven. It definitely feels like they’ve sacrificed the quality of some core components in favour of the touchscreen. GoWise does release updates quite often so we’re positive we’ll see an improved product from them soon.

Overall, if you’re bullish about this price point, we would strongly recommend the Black & Decker HF100WD. The Philips HD 9220 still remains our strongest recommendation, and is pure value despite the cost.

Design  Cooking  Value  Overall
8.0 7.9 8.0 8.0

Buyers Like

  • Cost/Value
  • Touchscreen and ease of use
  • Great temperature control range
  • Sturdy

Buyers Dislike

  • Earlier product batch had issues with the nonstick coating peeling off
  • Harder to take the basket out (compared to the Philips HD 9220)
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4. Big Boss 9063

A unique looking contender that some argue is better looking than the alternatives. It does look striking, is larger, and feels bulkier. The materials feel impressive for the low price point, but being a newer product, it does seem like the manufacturer is still working out some of the kinks.
Cleaning the larger bowl may be an issue for some.

Overall a decent, striking looking product for a relatively low price. We’ll be keeping an eye out for this one in our value segment.

Design  Cooking  Value  Overall
8.5 8.3 8.2 8.3

Buyers Like

  • Energy efficient – uses multiple heating methods for air frying
  • Relatively larger container size – Great for 3-4 people
  • Intriguing design choice (subjective)
  • Cost/Value
  • Cleanup is easy

Buyers Dislike

  • Bigger bowl – harder to hold and wash
  • Quality issues with earlier batch
  • Customer service needs improvement
  • Limited return policy
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5. Cozyna

This one was heavily marketed (sponsored ads everywhere) at the time of our review. Build quality feels great for the price, though it looks pretty generic – we wish they’d made bolder choices with the design. However as some have noted, the teflon material chips off.
Update: This seems to have been rectified in the recent batch.
Comparable cooking efficiency as the other products in this range.

Overall, a decent recommendation if you manage to find this one discounted. We’d say its great value if you manage to find one under 100$. Our top recommendations still hold.

Design  Cooking  Value  Overall
8.0 7.8 7.9 7.9

Buyers Like

  • Great price
  • Easy to clean – 2 pieces – basket and holder
  • Doesn’t leave residue
  • Materials feel great
  • 2 Cookbooks

Buyers Dislike

  • Bottom teflon pan chipping off for early batch
  • Questionable engineering – cleaning could have been easier
  • Air circulation efficiency is slightly lower due to the curved design
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Best Air Fryer Buying Guide


This could be a deal-breaker for many. You’ll have to consider the size of the product, the look & feel, the colors, etc.
The Big Boss 9063 for instance, with its red base and top, may not match the rest of your kitchen.
The suave black and white colors on the Philips HD 9220 and the Black & Decker, however, go well with almost any kitchen setting. Perhaps the touchscreen on the GoWise GW22621 feels a bit too post-modern and maybe you prefer studier, tactile knobs and buttons.

Overall, the Philips HD 9220 and the Black & Decker HF100WD win points here.


Most of the products we’ve listed are capable of serving 2-3 people at most, and require multiple batches of cooking. The Black & Decker HF100WD scores the lowest points for capacity with a measly 2L.
The Big Boss scores highly with regards to capacity. But with the larger sized bowl comes cleaning difficulties – it just may be harder to hold and wash.

Energy Consumption

Ranges from 1200-1500W. The difference is negligible. Our tests indicate the Philips HD 9220 wins for efficiency. Philips has a bunch of patents in this space and tons invested in research. Safe to say the HD 9220 has the best electrical internals.


As you’ll often need to clean these units, this is one mighty critical factor. The Big Boss 9063 might be the hardest to clean due to the sheer size of the bowl.
The Philips HD 9220 and the Black & Decker HF100WD score highly for their easily removable and dishwasher friendly trays.


Philips has been around the longest (in the air fryer segment). They’ve invested a lot more in the customer experience in our opinion.
We’ve heard of fewer complaints about the Philips HD 9220 vs the others. The newer brands – Cozyna, Big Boss, GoWise have been inconsistent with their reliability – the only redeeming factor may thus be the customer support they offer.

Customer Support

As mentioned in the reliability section, many of the newer brands have released product batches with faulty components.  For instance, we’ve seen many complaints about the non-stick coating peeling off on the earlier batches.
Big Boss scores poorly for customer support. GoWise and Cozyna fair well for their reasonably reliable customer support. Philips and Black & Decker continue to maintain their high customer support standards.


Philips has invested more in the customer experience. Which makes sense, they’re the largest brand in the bunch and have more to invest in an emerging market. The app that Philips includes is a delight to use. The Cozyna comes with 2 cookbooks that are decent. There’s a whole lot of recipes available online though. Philips scores highly here.

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